What Good Use is a Ostrich?

Now that I have a Ostich. What can I do with him?

Ostriches are the agricultural opportunity of the future!

Ostrich meat is the better red meat!

Ostrich meat is lower in fat and cholesteral than turkey or chicken!

Ostrich Products Include:


No big investment needed.

Existing shelter or barn to protect the birds
from harsh elements is all that is needed.

They lay from 60 to 120 eggs per year.

Ostrich, We have Red and blue cross. Males and Females

What I make from the Ostriches
Ostrich feather dusters, Hand painted, 18" handle Large Duster,
Medium size 12" handle, Feathers for Crafts ( these make great
Indian Dream Catchers ) Ostrich Plumes with pens , without pens
Ostrich Hides we also can have done in black, burgundy, gray and
peanut brittle. Blown out Ostrich Eggs,small hole in one end .

Great Stuff for Ostriches